It's Official That Samsung Galaxy S11 Will be Launched On February 11

It’s Official That Samsung Galaxy S11 Will be Launched On February 11

The wait is over, and those wanted to know when Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S11 is not a myth anymore. After so many days of rumours and predictions, the company said that Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to be unpacked in the San Francisco event on 11 February at 11 AM. The official event of unveiling this much-anticipated smartphone will be taking place at the Palace of Fine Arts. After so many days of just rumours, the company finally announced on Saturday the official date of Galaxy S11 launch.

Analyst already predicted that Samsung Galaxy S11 will be coming in three variances and will be competing with Motorola’s foldable smartphone Razr, which was previously predicted two months ago. In a video leaked of Galaxy 11, it’s been speculated that the smartphone will have rounded edges also Samsung’s foldable phone might have a square orientation when closed. The smartphone making company decided to launch the Galaxy S11 just before Mobile World Congress event, which is the world’s biggest mobile trade show.

MWC scheduled to happen in between 24 to 27 February in Barcelona. Samsung is trying to get ahead of its competitors by launching Galaxy 11 before the most prominent mobile trade show. Samsung already got a good portion market with its Galaxy M and A series which are targeted for cheap audiences and performed relatively well in Indian and South Asian market. Samsung is facing competition for its smartphone from Apple’s iPhone, Motorola’s foldable Razr and even OnePlus, which is way cheaper also offers the same features as of Galaxy S11. The features of galaxy S11 are not yet official, but rumours say that smartphone might come with 5G, a 108-megapixel camera and 5,000-mAh battery. Still, users will have to wait for the formal launch event, that might surprise us also.