trump said us should build more mental health institutions to stop gun violence

Trump Said US Should Build More Mental Health Institutions To Stop Gun Violence

The USA is a country which is reporting a massive number of gun violence from last few months. The primary reason behind it is raising mental health issues among teenagers and youth of the nation. Now President Trump has given his blunt statement over the ongoing problem of gun violence in the country. He said the country needs more mental health instructions for those people who are mentally sick. According to trump gun violence is increasing in the country because of the rise of mentally ill people.

Trump, while speaking to reporters said that he and other Republican leaders don’t want to see a gun in the hands of mentally sick people. Giving access to firearms to such sort of people is quite dangerous. While talking about how people have a mental illness, trump said these people don’t like to talk about their disease. There is a shortage of mental health institutions in the country as of now. Trump said back in the 60s and 70s; there was a vast number of mental health institutions which got closed down by the government.

Health experts are thinking opposite because some of them said after this remark of Trump that president should be focusing on existing mental health institutions rather than going to inglorious past. Some socialists and politicians have taken a toll on Trump by stating how the president can say mentally ill patients as “crazy people.” Mental Health America has also condemned the statement from Trump by stating that mental illness is a common thing, and spreading hate about is not a solution. In recent mass shootings, more than 31 people died, and nationwide people are seriously concerned about the ongoing gun violence. However, people are continuing to hate Trump for giving such type of mean comments about mentally ill people.