honor's first smart tv is powered by harmonyos from huawei

Honor’s First Smart TV is Powered by HarmonyOS from Huawei

Recently, Huawei launched the Android alternative as the trade ban in the USA will inevitably force the company to cut the ties with Google. Huawei started working on Android alternative when the USA imposed a ban on the company, forcing Google to cut ties with the company. With new HarmonyOS for Huawei and Honor brand device, Huawei is making a haven for itself. Today, Huawei announced that they would release a new Smart TV under Honor brand with HarmonyOS. Honor president George Zhao said that the company would launch a new display named as Honor Vision. The new display will be used for TVs but also as info center for all other IoT devices.

Huawei is going to launch two new Smart TVs powered by HarmonyOS next week in Chinese markets. The first device is named as Honor Vision, and another one is named as Honor Vision Pro. The company is decreasing the reliance on Google’s Android operating system by developing its personal ecosystem limited to Huawei and Honor brand. In the future, the company will use HarmonyOS on every device platform, but as of now, the only focus is to use the OS on smart screen devices only.

Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro devices are packed with promising hardware. These TVs includes Honghu 818 Chipset, Octa-Core processor, 55-inch 4K display, and all of the devices will work as a smart hub for IoT devices. Honor Vision Pro is a smart TV. Hence it comes with some additional features like adjustable pop-up camera and six far-field microphones. Honor Vision Pro comes with 10W speakers and Honor a vision comes with 4W speakers. 15th August is the date set for launching smart TVs in Chinese markets. Honor Vision is priced at $540, and Honor Vision Pro is priced at $680 approximately.