apple selling mophie's 3-in-1 wireless charging mat

Apple Selling Mophie’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat

Apple’s AirPower Project is now off the charts as the company was unable to turn it into reality. With the AirPower wireless charging Mat’s future in darkness, the iPhone and iPad users opted for the third-party wireless charging devices. That’s why the company is now selling 3-in-1 wireless charging mats for iOS devices like iPhone, Airpod, and Apple Watch. The only catch here is that the devices are not made by Apple itself, but made by Mophie. Apple has started selling Mophies 3-in-1 wireless charging mat in the official Apple Stores and also online stores.

With this new product in the Apple Store, the iOS ecosystem users can get the unofficial AirPower mat made by a third-party manufacturer but fully supported by Apple. With this Mat, the users can charge any of their devices like the Airpod, iPhone, and Apple Watch, if the version supports wireless charging. The Mat is nowhere near to the original vision of the company, but with technical difficulties developing the wireless fast-charging Mat, Apple has currently settled on supporting Mophies Charging Mat. Mophies 3-in-1 wireless charging mat is similar to the basic design concept of the AirPower mat but lacks certain features. For example, AirPower was supposed to show the charging status on the Mat itself, while Mophies mat does not show the same.

AirPower wireless charging mat was first announced in 2017 keynote WWDC, but the company never brought it in the market. There was a rumor that claimed that the company has started manufacturing the Wireless Mat, but later, the company denied any such claims and discontinued the product before it launched. Fortunately, the official support is available for Mophie’s wireless charging mat even though it is a third-party product. Currently, the wireless charging mat from Mophie is available in the Apple Stores and authorized resellers with the price tag of $139.95.